About Us

Professionals in consulting and training since 1993

Formawork is accredited by the Lombardy Region for training and employment services and is authorized by the Ministry for research and personnel selection.
It provides professional and financed training to individuals and manages financed training plans for companies, also increasing the availability of such loans.

Services to individuals

  • Formawork, thanks to accreditation, provides professional training recognized at European level: the training offer, even free of charge, is aimed at job placement or job growth: training in the social-health, security, catering, hotel, office and administrative fields or even assistance on how to open and run a business or professional activity.
  • Formawork provides free employment services and that is, it guides people to work, prepares them for interviews, helps them to obtain suitable interviews, helps them to integrate: these activities can be free thanks to the Youth Guarantee and Dote Unica Lavoro.

Services to companies

  • Formawork manages the financed training plans of companies, communicating directly with the financing funds and freeing up companies from many administrative duties.
  • Formawork also participates directly in "tenders" (or "announcements") for the financing of company personnel training, tenders not only from Interprofessional Joint Funds but, for example, also from Local Authorities: in this Formawork way maximizes funding for the training of company workers.
  • Formawork offers recruitment and personnel selection services, even free of charge for companies by managing many processes (for example the search, the first screening of the curriculum vitae, a second screening through the first person) in support of the company's selectors; these Formawork activities can benefit companies with INPS reliefs.
  • Moreover, Formawork manages training for apprentices, also in a financed way, and as an authorized promoter it manages apprenticeships/internships by placing the apprentices in companies host clients.
  • Formawork can also provide compulsory and linguistic training and a wide range of highly professionalizing training to company workers, including managers.

Come and discover our
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Come and visit us in our new renovated headquarters in Via Moscati 8/A in Milan. We will be happy to welcome you and we will try to satisfy your every need. For further information you can always contact us at our e-mail address info@formawork.it